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Happy Birthday Claire!

Claire is four years old today. How did this:
baby Claire

Turn into this:
Claire today

In such a short time? It seems like she was just born!

Happy birthday Bear, I love you sweetie!

Today is Claire’s Third Birthday!

CJ's Three!

Today, my daughter turns three years old! Can you believe it? It seems like just days ago I was looking at this:

Now, she’s running around the house and talking up a storm! I’m really so proud of my little girl and can’t wait to see how she turns out as an adult.

Happy birthday big girl, Daddy loves you!

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Like Fathers, like daughters: Part Two


I know Kishore and I have done this before. Usually while listening to Uncle Slam or Slayer or something and there was generally more elbows flying, but still…

Like Fathers, like daughters


Here’s CJ and my friend Kishore’s daughter AJ playing with each other. I think Kishore and I have had the same exact conversation…

Had a great weekend!

My folks came down to spend the weekend with us and, with the exception of Jen being violently ill for the majority of their trip, we had a great time. Saturday we took it easy and hung out at home with my parents as they were pretty wasted from the drive down from Washington.

Sunday, Claire, my folks and I went to the Alameda County Fair all day and had a blast! Claire and I rode the elephant ride:
Riding the elephant

She rode the Merry-Go-Round with my dad:
Claire and Papa on the Merry-Go-Round

She got to see animals:
Ducks for sale

And danced like a crazy person:
Dancing fool!

All in just a few hours! We all had a great time at the Fair and definitely plan on going back later this Fair season. We even got in for free because it was “Military Appreciation Day” and you get free entry with a military ID. since both of my folks have military IDs we got free entry! Fantastic!

Yesterday we took Claire to go see Surf’s Up in the theatre, her first movie! She handled it like a pro and had a great time with her mommy, daddy, Gran and Papa. After dinner my folks and I took her to the local park and she got to run around with my folks’ dog Scooter:
Running fool!

Once we got home, she got to spend some quality time with Gram:
Giving Gram a kiss

and Papa:
Playing bumblebee

My folks are headed home today to spend some time with my new niece Maddie and have a relaxing summer.

Papa! Papa! Papa!

My dad, AKA Papa, is coming into town today on his way down to Morro Bay to spend a week at the beach house we’ve got down there. Claire’s looking forward to seeing him, as are Jen and I. He’ll be here later this afternoon and , as my luck goes, I’ll probably get paged with a downed server about five minutes after he gets here… 😉

Actual Conversation:

Mommy: Claire, do you want to watch Sesame Street?

Claire: No.

Mommy: Do you want to watch Maisy?

Claire: No.

Mommy: Do you want to watch Backyardigans?

Claire: No.

Daddy: Do you want to watch Battlestar Galactica?

Claire: Okay!

God, I love this daughter of mine!

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Lightning strikes twice! is a really cool website about raising kids and I hit their site every once in a while. They also have a Flickr group that I post pictures of CJ to occasionally. Well sir, they’ve (for the second time) chosen one of my pictures for their picture of the day. I didn’t blog about it the first time, you know, because modesty is my middle name, but thought I’d share this time.

See, it’s not just me who thinks that CJ is adorable!

Also, Tom’s son Lane has also been featured as one of their pictures of the day, and I’m very excited to have been able to one-up him again! 😉

CJ Checking out the Pumpkins

Wow, it’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, sorry. We’ve been running around like crazy the last few weeks and I haven’t had a chance to update the blog as much as I’d like.

My folks were in town a few weeks ago for a long weekend and we took Claire to the SF Zoo to check everything out as well as the Wente Vineyards for brunch and a quick tour of the winery. I haven’t even had a chance to put the pictures I took up on Flickr yet, but they’re coming soon. We had a great time with them and can’t wait to see them in a few weeks for my cousin Erin’s wedding up in Shasta.

Last week we flew down to San Diego for a four-day weekend and hit up some of the tourist attractions: Sea World, some of the museums in Balboa Park, the Wild Animal Park, and the USS Midway. Here’s a link to some of the pics I took while we were there. Jen’s parents drove down and we flew with Jen’s sister Susan and her husband Greg. Claire really liked seeing all the fish at Sea World and loved the meerkats at the Wild Animal Park. Mostly though, she enjoyed the koi in the hotel lobby. Hours of sheer joy watching them swim by was had by my little princess!

Anyway, we’ve got a trip to Shasta in a few weeks and then Lance and I are going up to Seattle to see Bumbershoot on Labor Day Weekend. It’s going to be a stressful few weeks, but loads of fun too!

Mom and Dad are coming!

My folks (Gram and Papa) are on their way down to visit with us for the weekend and should be in town in a few hours! It’s been since Christmas since they’ve both seen CJ (dad came down for her birthday, but mom had to stay in Washington) and she’s changed so much, it’s going to be fun watching her interact with them.

We’re planning on going to the San Francisco Zoo tomorrow and maybe have a late lunch/early dinner at the Franciscan restaurant down at Fisherman’s Wharf. We used to go there all the time when I was a kid and it’ll be nice to experience it as a parent.

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