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Sample Support Call of the Day

Ted: Help desk, this is Ted.

Caller: Hi! I’m not a customer of yours and you’ve never heard of me, but I have a question.

T: Go ahead, I’ll see what I can do.

C: I sent an email a year ago and I need to find it.

T: OK, what program were you using to send the message?


T: (SHUDDER) OK, did you use Outlook or Netscape to send the message or did you use AOL?

C: I sent it using AOL.

T: OK, did you use their web-based client or was it from an email client?

C: The web-based client.

T: I was afraid you’d say that. If you’d used their web-based client, the message is on their server.

C: Well, I saw on TV that people could get onto someone’s computer and find things like this.

T: Well, that’s true, if you’d used something like Outlook or Netscape, we might be able to help you find it. Since you used their web-based client, you’d have to contact them.

C: Here’s the deal: I really need that email. I’ve got a pending lawsuit and it’s vital that I have that message and AOL only keeps copies of sent messages for 30 days.

T: Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. Sorry.

C: Don’t be, you’ve given me somewhere to start. *sigh* I guess I’ll call AOL now.

T: *chuckle* Allright, well, good luck with that!

C: Yeah, thanks anyway!

T: No problem, thanks for calling!

How does one, exactly, clog a urinal?

How do you clog a urinal?

Explain to me please, how does someone clog a urinal? I see the toliet paper in there, and it doesn’t go away, but why would somebody do that?

The plunger, for obvious reasons, won’t clear this out. I’m NOT sticking my hand in there. Who the hell uses TP in a urinal? Two or three shakes or (in some cases) a tug should get everything out, right? Right?

Well, at least we’ve got a second option in the office. I’m still unsure why the hell someone would use TP in a urinal though…


After finding some rubber gloves, I was able to remove the offending TP and the urinal is now back up and running. I still am VERY curious as to why someone would use TP in a urinal. Ah well, a question for the ages I guess…

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Damn Livermore, what did you eat?

The last month or two, there has been a terrible smell wafting over our building. We have a waste treatment plant about a block from us and apparently, it’s been having some issues with the management of the smells coming from it. Honestly, it smells like, well, shit. I suppose that’s to be expected, that every once in a while you’re going to get a whiff of the city’s, uh, byproducts, but for two freaking months?

Last week a very nice gentleman from the City of Livermore Waste Treatment Department dropped by the office to give us a one-sheet “explanation” of what’s going on… Turns out that the City of Livermore has an “upset stomach.” Yeah, so do I and my coworkers.

Is it sad that I can tell when the residents of Livermore have had eggs for breakfast?

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Snow in Livermore!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow in Livermore!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally uploaded by tomeppy.

Photographic evidence, courtesy of Tom.

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It’s snowing!

For what it’s worth, Tom and I are here in the office and it’s snowing.  It’s not cold enough for the snow to stick, but there are HUGE flakes falling from the sky…  If only I had a good enough camera to take a picture of it in the dark.

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My new work computer

My new work computer
Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

I got a new computer at work this week and finally got a chance to set it up tonight. It’s a wicked-awesome Dell Optiplex GX620. 125 GB SATA2 Hard Drive, 2 GB of RAM, 8 USB ports, one video-out supporting two monitors, and two 19-inch Dell flat-screen displays.

Truly, a thing of wonder.

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For Tom

For Tom
Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

Awww…  Look at the cute kitten!

Something to make Tom smile. 
Or puke, whichever.

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Originally uploaded by TedsBlog. (Click on the picture for a bigger view)

Here’s who did it and when, we just can’t get a license plate for their vehicle.

To the Asshats in the white Dodge truck:  I’m on to you!

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“Crack Pipe” found in our Parking Lot

"Crack Pipe" found in our Parking Lot
Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

The same asshat that dropped off their mattress box spring and other stuff in our parking lot apparently also used us to dispose of their “crack pipe.” I use the quotes because I don’t know if that’s what it actually is as I’ve never smoked crack nor seen a pipe in person, but this is what I would expect one to look like and there is a burned substance in the tip where it’s black.

Please not that I didn’t actually touch it, I used a key to pick it up for this shot. There’s no way in Hell that I’m touching that nasty thing.

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Thanks ass!

Thanks ass!
Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

Some jerk-bag decided to drop off their mattress, box spring and other misc crap behind our dumpster last night. The garbage truck didn’t take it with them this morning. Now I get to handle someone else’s funky-ass bed. And a car battery. And a box fan.

Good times.

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