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Cool Little Lifehack

I’m always looking for ways to slim down my wallet and came across a cool little site that allows you to input club card bar code numbers and print them out (up to eight per card) onto one small credit-card shaped slip of paper you can put into your wallet. Check it out at

Found this via Dumb Little Man via Consumerist.

Good times.

Four Liters is a lot of Water…

I’ve started up again with my doctor-recommended gallon-of-water-a-day thing to prevent kidney stones and, hopefully, to assist in my weight loss regime. I’m not doing great in my weight loss, I’ve only lost six pounds in six weeks. So, knowing that drinking a lot of water will only help my kidney stone issue (no stones in 2.5 years!) and will help me lose weight (drink water, keep your belly full, don’t feel hungry) I’ve started up again on my four liters of H20 again. That’s eight bottles of water folks, nothing to scoff at. It helps that I’ve got a 1-liter Nalgene type bottle that I’m carrying around. I figure that four of them is just over a gallon, so if I spread that out over the day, it’s easier than trying to chug down eight bottles of water. (Same volume, different container, four is less than eight…)

Like Microwave Popcorn?

Like saving money?

Do the following:

  1. Get 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels
  2. Get 2 tsp of Olive Oil
  3. Get 1/4 tsp of popcorn salt (very finely-ground salt, if you have a salt grinder, make very fine salt)
  4. Combine above in a lunchbag-sized brown paper bag

Fold the top of the bag securely (or staple if you’re so inclined) and shake the bag to mix everything up, you’ll want to make sure you’ve thoroughly covered the kernels with the oil. Toss in the microwave and cook until you don’t hear any popping for about five seconds or so. Empty the bag into a bowl (the oil will soak into the paper bag something fierce but won’t make a mess in your microwave), top with butter if you’re so inclined, and enjoy!

Target = 225 by 1/1/07

I went in and got a physical today and the doctor and I discussed my weight. There’s no argument, I’m overweight. Hell, I’m fat, I can admit that. I weighed in at 245 pounds today. Not the heaviest I’ve ever been, but close. Damn close.

So, what am I going to do about it? We discussed a target weight of 210 (he’s aware that the “ideal” 185 is never gonna happen) and I’m going to tier it down a bit to make it more easily manageable: I’m going to shoot for 225 pounds by January 1st. That’s only 20 pounds and a pretty good starting-off point. I can do this.

How am I going to do this? I’m going to start simply enough and just eat three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I almost never eat breakfast (coffee doesn’t count) or lunch (a handful of nuts or a corn dog doesn’t count) and eat a frozen dinner and then snack away all night. That will stop. I am going to have three meals a day. Even if it’s just a banana or protein bar for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, I need to get my metabolism back. Dinner will, honestly, probably still subsist of something microwavable, but I will cut my snacking back to virtually nil. I know I’m not going to be able to completely stop snacking… Hell, I got a new popcorn popper for my birthday last week, but popcorn’s not too bad a snack. I’ll just cut the amount of butter I use and add more seasonings (pepper, seasoned salt, etc.). Nor am I going to stop eating the occasional bowl of ice cream. I will, however, stop going to the kitchen damn-near every commercial break for a piece of chocolate or toast or toaster-waffle or, or or….

So, target weight for 1/1/07 is 225 pounds. Ideal target is 210 or less. Wish me luck!

Madden 2006: A good way to diet

Seriously. I picked up a used copy of Madden 2006 at GameStop yesterday for $9.95 and started playing the “career mode” where you create a player using DNA from “parents” and started a career with him. he’s a Fresno State grad (my “home team”) fullback and was drafted by the hated Cowboys. You can pick an agent for the player, make movie deals, and a bunch of other things too. It’s pretty sweet.

(You may be asking why I picked up Madden 2006 when 2007 is coming out next week. There are two reasons:

1. I’m trying to save money.

2. I plan on getting an Xbox 360 before Madden 2008 comes out and 2007 will be one of my first purchases.)

Now, how does Madden 2006 make a good way to diet?

When I’m in front of the TV, I snack. Not so much when I’m playing Madden. I’m so enthralled with the game and my progress (still in preseason, but it’s only been one night…) that I don’t even think to eat! This is how I’m going to “sell” Jen on alowing me to take over the TV…