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Bye-bye Playoff Beard…

After only one full day of growing the Playoff Beard, I was asked by my lovely wife to shave it off. See, we were going to Dave and Busters for a child-free afternoon of a meal and a movie and she wanted me to look nice for the event (we were celebrating our eight-year anniversary which is actually tomorrow) and I conceded the point…

The weird thing is that the Sharks actually won, so maybe I should have an anti-Playoff Beard. I’m so confused…

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Playoff beard, here we come

Because I can, (and because Tom can’t 😉 ), I’ve decided to grow a playoff beard. “What the hell is a playoff beard,” you may ask? Tom has the details.

Oh yeah, GO SHARKS!

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Not too shabby!

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LL Packet Sniffers FTW!

LL Packet Sniffers FTW!
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Marcus, Chris, Shane and I won our bowling league tonight winning two of three games in the championship game.  We won both games by 15 or less points, so it was really exciting.

The team we played against were really nice guys and both teams were cheering each other on the whole night.  It was actually pretty refreshing because the team we beat last week was really bitter about losing to us and were still rude to us this week…  Ah well, sour grapes and all.

The most important thing was that we had fun and each of us wound up being WAY better at bowling by the end of the 14-week league then we were when we started.  Amazingly, my best game was a 163.  I’ve no idea how the hell I did that well.  I went from a 97 average in my first week to a 118 average by the end of the season.  Good times.

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