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Greatest. News. Article. EVAR!

Click here and be amazed.

If I had my dad’s credit card and was 13, I might do the same. Then book a flight for a non-extradition country…

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Irony Defined

Guess who’s data center lost power today. Click here and note the date of the press release.

$459,950.00 Update 07/05/07

Our agent had a broker open house today (where only realtors/agents look at the house) and the risk she took (showing the house the day after a holiday) paid off as we had 22 realtors/agents come and take a look at the house! She told us that we might expect 10-15 on an average day but there’d be a risk that they’d have taken the day off today for the holiday yesterday.

She told Jen that the house showed very well with only one “issue.” We’ve got a chip in the porcelain in our sink in the kitchen and need to fix that. We’ve got the repair kit to do so, we’d just not fixed it yet.

If that’s the worst of our issues, we’re in GREAT shape for our Open (to the public) House on Sunday the 8th from 1:30 – 4:30!!!

Looks like the house is up on, only without any pictures yet. Here’s a link: CLICKY.

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Holy Crap!

Read this article then ponder it for a while. Go ahead, I’ll still be here…

. .
. . .
. . . .
. . . . .

Holy crap, right? Mix in a helicopter that turns into a robot and you’ve got a Michael Bay movie!

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Our house goes on the market this afternoon for $459,950. It’s been a long time coming and we’ve put a lot of work into the house over the last four-plus years. We’ve got a new roof, painted inside and outside, a new stove/oven, new floors, new garage doors and more. I’m optimistic that we’ll sell the house within 30 days but hope it’ll sell faster.

I’ll keep this page updated with more info but the real estate broker will be coming over today to take pictures for the MLS site (~72 hours until it’s on then have a broker open house on Thursday the 5th. We’ll have our first Open House on the 8th (Sunday) as well.

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Welcome to the World Maddie!

Madeline Olivia

My niece was born today. Madeline Olivia Johnson. Six pounds, six ounces and 18.5 inches tall. She was born to my brother Erik and his Wife Nanette three weeks early, on Father’s Day. My dad and her parents were at the hospital, my mom is in Florida on a business trip. I’m sure I’ll have more pictures later as my brother posts them to his Flickr page.

Congratulations Erik and Nan! Your lives have changed for the the better! Happy Father’s Day!

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Nerd Alert Redux!

Now they’re making stamps! To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, the USPS is producing Star Wars stamps! Joy!

Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes is retiring

Holy crap!  This man has been on 60 Minutes longer than I’ve been alive and is now retiring.  Here’s more information.  I’ve got two copies of his last book Between You and Me and am chomping at the bit to find some time to read it and watch the enclosed DVD, but haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

Why do I have two copies?  ‘Cause Gene got me one for Christmas a month after I bought a copy, that’s why…

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Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

I miss Sumi Das from Tech TV…

She’s pretty.

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London Bombings

From behind
Originally uploaded by Nicholas Shanks.

The bombings in London this morning are a tragic reminder that the world is still not a safe place.  Even with Dubya and Blair chasing down the al Queda network wherever they pop up their ugly little heads.  Whether that be in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Wait a minute, Iraq?

Anyway, my thought and well wishes go out to anyone and everyone affected by the bombings and I pray that a swift justice comes to the people responsible for this tragedy.

This picture is actually from the BBC and posted up on Flickr by Nicholas Shanks.

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