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Getting Acquainted With: Part 1

I’ve got a pretty good musical library. Not as good as, say, Tom‘s or Gene‘s, but it’s pretty good. I’ve got several hundred CDs (mostly ska) scattered throughout the house and on my MP3 players.

That said, I’ve got some pretty big holes in my collection that, thanks to Tom and Gene’s Musical Playground (c)(tm) I’m going to try to fill.

This week it’s The Pixies. I’m, of course, familiar with them and some of their songs (Wave of Mutilation, Where is My Mind, There Goes Your Man), but don’t know their library. This will change over the course of the next week and I’ll have a report here for you. Stay tuned.

Oh, if you have any suggestions on bands I should add to my Getting Acquainted With List, leave me a comment!

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Yet another “famous” person I’ve spoken to…

While I won’t name names to protect the “innocent” (or in some cases “douchey”) I can say that I just got off the phone with a certain soprano saxophone player you’ve heard of. Might not like him, but you’ve heard of him.

(I should have played some of his music for him to calm him down…)

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Weird Al’s Back!

And still funny! Check out his video for White and Nerdy!

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How I spent my Labor Day Weekend

Yeah, I know, it’s well past Labor Day but I’ve been busy. Lance and I flew up to Seattle for Labor Day Weekend to enjoy the three-day music-and-arts festival that is Bumbershoot. We flew in bright and early (left Oakland at 6:00 AM) Saturday morning and drove north a bit to Redmond to drop our stuff at Q! and his wife Melissa’s house before we all drove down to Seattle for the festivities.
I’m not going to list every show I saw, but I will give you the highlights.
We saw Blondie, Shooter Jennings (surprise of the weekend, awesome Southern Rock) Zack Galifinakis, David Cross, Tribe Called Quest, Upright Citizens Brigade, Nouvelle Vague, and many, many others over the three-day event. One of the best parts of the weekend though, was Flatstock, a collection of (buyable, as my wallet will attest) concert posters and poster art. I got a few limited-print posters including a nice KINSKI poster and a Queens of the Stone Age poster. Both hand printed using screen printing.

The worst part of the trip? Losing my ATM card. Well, I didn’t actually lose it, I stupidly left it in the ATM I used to get cash from the first day of our trip. Blame it on fatigue I guess, I had about 90 minutes of sleep the night before and I just plain forgot to pull it out of the ATM. Crisis averted (mostly) as I realized what happened about an hour after it happened and I called WaMu to cancel the card. Thanks to the wonders of the intertron, I was able to give the address of the grocery store where I left the card in the ATM and they issued me a new card that I got less than a week later.
Also, on the last day of the trip (Monday) my cell phone decided to not work anymore. No data, no voice, nothing. It was a one pound brick for all intents and purposes.

I got some really good pics, as did Q!, Melissa, and Lance. There’s also a really cool Flickr group with pics from the event you should check out.
Regardless, we had a blast and I can’t thank Q! and the lovely Melissa for letting us crash at their house for three nights, it was greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot (how could I?)! I also got to visit with my family. My folks picked me up in front of the Space Needle and we met Erik and his wife Nan for lunch at the Crab Pot on the water. We had a wonderful lunch and I got to catch up with them. (Truth be told, there wasn’t too much catching up to do, we’d just seen each other a week before at my cousin Erin’s wedding in Mt. Shasta…)

I also took an hour or two to go to the Sci-Fi Museum/ Hall of Fame at the Experience Music Project or, as my dad calls it, the “Alien Turd.” (Take a look at an aerial picture of it, he’s right!)

It’s effing late!

And I’m in the office with Tom and Lance. The good news is that Lance and I got our airplane tickets/rental car for our trip to Bumbershoot Labor Day weekend.

That’s good times right there! I’m poorer, but will greatly enjoy seeing The English Beat, Upright Citizens Brigade, Arj Barker and many, many other great acts that weekend!

Chris Isaak Show Last Night

Jen and I were able to get last-minute tickets to see Chris Isaak in concert last night at Wente Winery in Livermore. Tickets were really expensive, but we were able to get them for MUCH cheaper due to the fact that the people who were supposed to have them cancelled last minute.

We showed up around 7:00 for dinner, the food was very good (and for the ticket price, it better be!) and we enjoyed some roast beef and chicken. Chris got on stage at the scheduled time (8:15) and rocked the house until 10:00. He played all the hits, including my favorite Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing as well as a great cover of Roy Orbison’s Only the Lonely as well as Wicked Games of course.

This was totally last minute and Jen was able to get her folks to come over to babysit CJ and give us the opportunity to catch the show.

Me, I’m not a huge fan of Chris Isaak, but Jen ADORES him and would probably leave me for him without even saying good-bye on her way out the door! 😉 She had a great time and I’m glad we were able to make this happen for her. She wanted to get tickets when we first found out he was performing, but the show sold out within minutes of going on sale.

Bye-bye Media Play!

Jen and I were at the Great Mall in Milpitas yesterday and as we were walking around I noticed that Media Play was gone. Not a big surprise as they were maybe the highest-marked up store I’ve ever been to. Still, it was a bit of a shock as they’ve been there for quite a long time. Does anyone know when it closed?

What’s there now is some home furniture shop with a ton of empty space and a plenty of fake plants…