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Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom & CJ

Today is my mother’s birthday, she’s, uh, 39. Again. For the 22nd time. đŸ˜‰

Anyhoo, I just wanted to share my best wishes and love to the greatest mom a guy could ask for. Even when I was in my grumpy “I hate everyone” teenage years mom was one of my best friends and remains one of my best friends to this day. I can honestly say that I am who I am today because of her. She was always encouraging me to try harder and experience new things every day.

If I’m half the parent to Claire that mom was to me, Claire’s going to turn out great.

Happy birthday mom! I love you!

(Check out who else shares her birthday here. Dude, William F’ing Shatner! Awesome!)

Papa! Papa! Papa!

My dad, AKA Papa, is coming into town today on his way down to Morro Bay to spend a week at the beach house we’ve got down there. Claire’s looking forward to seeing him, as are Jen and I. He’ll be here later this afternoon and , as my luck goes, I’ll probably get paged with a downed server about five minutes after he gets here… đŸ˜‰

We almost bought a Subaru Outback…

Jen tells me about this email she got from one of her Moms’ Club members where she and her husband were looking to sell their 2002 Subaru Outback with ~40K miles on it for $16,250. I should maybe preface this by saying that the Subaru Outback is pretty much my dream car. My buddy Kishore’s had one forever and that’s just added to my lust for the car.

It was Wintergreen (the color I’d want) with cream-colored leather interior and moonroofs, exactly as I’d want one, and for only $16,250, it’d be a steal.

I tell Jen to call her friend, we’ll work out how to pay for it, maybe take a chunk out of our mortgage? I don’t care, it must be ours!

By the time she actually gets a hold of her friend, it turns out that they chickened out and traded it in when they got their new mini-van.


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More to come later, just keep that word in mind!

**UPDATE 2/14/07**


Here’s MOJO! (AKA Madeline Olivia Johnson) My brother and his wife Nan had their ultrasound yesterday (also Nan’s 30th b-day) and discovered that they’ll be having a beautiful little girl. Hooray!

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Emergency Kit: Do You Have One?

In light of the whole James Kim tragedy, I thought I’d check the emergency kit I keep in my car.

I have the following in my car for emergency purposes:

-Water Purification Tablets
-Silver Thermal Reflective Blanket
-Swiss Armk Knife with Fork and Spoon
-Pack of (Antiseptic) Alcohol and Iodine Wipes
-Sharper Image ToolLogic (Has a blade and a can/bottle opener in a credit card-sized form)
-3 12-inch Velcro Straps
-Various sized Adhesive Bandages
-Emergency Whistle (Maybe the most important thing here)
-Emergency Food Rations
-9 Four ounce emergency water packets
-2 One-Quart Plastic Zip-Top Bags
-AM/FM Radio with four AA Batteries
-2 Spare AA Batteries
-1 CYALUME 12-Hour Lightstick
-1 Mini MagLight with 2 AA Batteries
-1 Carabiner 150-pound load bearing
-1 Digital Watch
-1 Plastic Poncho
-1 Pair Spare Eyeglasses in Hard Case
-1 Fannypack-style pouch for holding the above
-1 Fleece Blanket


I also need some items for my kit, including replacing the emergency food and water as they’ve recently expired:

-Waterproof Matches and/or Lighter
-Emergency Strobe Light
-Collapsible Canteen
-Pre-Mixed Kool-Aid Packets (Quick supply of energy from the sugar and covers the taste of the Water Purification Tablets)
-Flint and Steel

So, what’s in your emergency kit? Do you even have one? If not, why not?

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Grad Nite 1991

As I was cleaning out the garage last weekend ( a chore and a half…) I ran across the above picture of me and Eeyore at Grad Nite in Disneyland my Senior year of High School back in 1991.

Wow, look at the hair I had. Long, flowing hair. Thick locks of hair.


Anyways, I have some memories of the night, key among them was falling in love with one of the singers of En Vogue (I can’t remember which on anymore honestly) and having to watch C&C Music Factory standing on a chair and having a security guard ask me to stop standing on the chair…

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Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

It’s 108 degrees in Livermore right now, but it only feels like 106. Good thing too, 106 is bearable, 108 is just crazy hot…

I can’t believe I grew up on this kind of heat and didn’t even bat an eye.

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No Sleep makes Ted Go Something Something

So I’ve been having these issues with my legs cramping up when I get tired.  It’s something that’s been bothering me off and on ever since I was a little kid, but it’s gotten worse and worse over the last few years.  Recently though, it’s been seriously affecting my (and Jen’s) sleep the last 4-5 days as my legs have been twitching uncontrollably for hours.  I finally got sick and tired of it yesterday and went in to see my doctor.  While I was going down that track, Jen was doing some research at WebMD and discovered that I might have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  We’ve thought this for a while, and when we were up at my folks’ house over the Holidays, we found out that my dad has RLS as well.

After sitting almost an hour in the waiting room, (thanks Kaiser!) I got weighed and sat in the exam room for a few minutes until the doctor came in.  I described the symptoms and he recommended that I start taking iron supplements as well as the magnesium supplements that I’ve been taking for a few months.  He also had me get some blood drawn (I HATE NEEDLES) so they could run some tests. 

His initial thought is that it isn’t RLS, because my leg spasms/twitches are involuntary rather than me consciously moving them to aleive the discomfort.  That aside, I’m eagerly awaiting the test results so I can figure out what the hell’s wrong with me.  I’d really love to get a good night’s sleep here soon as it’s been almost a week of four-or-so hours per night of sleep interspersed with getting out of bed and watching TV on the couch.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten to watch the first two DVDs of Scrubs Season One, one of the greatest shows on TV that I’ve never really watched on a regular basis.  That has changed and has been added to my TiVo to record.

With that said though, I’d rather be asleep…

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My Trip to Mt. Diablo

Diablo Observatory

Sunday, I decided to drive up to Mt. Diablo, which is the highest point in the Bay Area to get some miles under my belt with the Tucson.  It’s a pretty quick drive from my house to the state park, and took about 45 minutes of driving to get to the top.  I stopped off about half-way to the top to check out Rock City, which is a collections of outcropping and wind caves.  Very picturesque and I got a ton of good pictures which I’ve put up on Flickr for folks to enjoy.  While I was in Rock City, I climbed up on a few boulders and outcroppings to get some pictures.  Coming off of one of them, I tweaked my back but it didn’t hurt immediately so I thanked my lucky stars and got back into the Tucson to drive to the top of the mountain.

It was a beautiful drive, windy roads, tons of bicyclists braving the traffic and the huge grades going uphill and downhill.  Downhill must be funner, if not WAY more dangerous.

Anyway, I got up to the top, hung out for 20 or so minutes and took some really good pictures.  I then got to make the drive down, through Walnut Creek, and (after a quick stop at Best Buy) home.

As soon as I got home and sat down, I got this terrible pain in my back.  I’ve had back problems for 10+ years (bulging disk in the lower lumbar area) and I guess that my climbing some rocks to get pictures aggrigated it.  I went to Kaiser this morning and they gave me some muscle relaxants and Vicodan for the pain.  Good times.

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The New Car

I just got off the phone with Jen and it looks like we’ll have the car as soon as tomorrow evening.  She spoke with the dealer, got them to drop the price a little bit more and then (verbally at least) sealed the deal.  The car should be at the dealership tomorrow and we can go over, sign the papers, and drive home in the new Tucson!

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