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Actual Conversation…

Ted: what about her?
Quintin: she’s hawt.
Quintin: to trot.
Ted: meh
Quintin: you’re very critical of your swedish brethren.
Ted: i’ve been there, comparitivly, she’s not all that
Ted: or however you spell that word
Quintin: hahaha
Quintin: that’s cool, tho.;
Ted: don’t get e wrong, she’s attractive but her bio’s a bit off-putting
Ted: mentions her boyfriend a few times
Ted: come on man, at least t s pretend we have a shot…
Quintin: isn’t a man’s job to unboyfriend a girl?
Ted: *t s = let us
Ted: no
Ted: should respect the dude she’s dating and secretly wish him to die
Quintin: oh. gotcha. that’s a good point.
Ted: i get one a day
Quintin: that’s awesome. that’s something blog about, no?
Ted: meh
Quintin: k

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Looking for Suggestions

Wednesday is my and Jen’s 9-year wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is pottery and the “new” gift is leather. We’re trying to keep this on the cheap, so I need some suggestions that’ll keep me off of the couch.

Comments are not only welcomed, they’re encouraged!

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I’m famous…

Actually, I was available… We thought it would be a good idea to start video blogging some work-related stuff in the office and Gene and I shot the video linked below to welcome our customers to our service and give them an overview of what we can offer.

Click here to let the mocking begin!

My Fantasy Baseball Line-up

Keeping up with Tom seems to be a tradition here at Ted’s Blog, I’m always trying out things he’s recommended or copying him in one way or the other, usually for the best.

With that in mind, since he’s posted his Fantasy Baseball line-up, here’s mine:


Chris Carpenter (StL)
Félix Hernández (Sea)
J.J. Putz (Sea)
Armando Benítez (SF)
Chris Young (SD)
Tom Glavine (NYM)
Freddy García (Phi)
Ted Lilly (ChC)

Field Postions:

C Kenji Johjima (Sea)
1B Nomar Garciaparra (LAD)
2B Dan Uggla (Fla)
3B Adrián Béltre (Sea)
SS Omar Vizquel (SF)
OF Ichiro Suzuki (Sea)
OF Torii Hunter (Min)
OF Eric Byrnes (Ari)
Util Todd Helton (Col)
BN Hideki Matsui (NYY)
BN Richie Sexson (Sea)
BN A.J. Pierzynski (CWS)
BN Craig Biggio (Hou)

It’s a pretty good mix of AL and NL, with a nice heapin’ helpin’ of Seattle Mariners thrown in for good measure. I’m pretty happy with my batting average as well, my least good (non-benched) player has a “meager” .267 average (Eric Byrnes). Should make for good times, as long as I keep up with my players… Football is easier, you only really have to make changes once or twice a week, this is going to require an almost-daily modification.

The new voice of Lanlogic

Gene and I are working on recording the voice prompts for our office today. We’re installing a new-fangled fancy-pants phone system and I’ll be “replacing” Art (the owner, founder, CEO) as the “voice” of Lanlogic. Weeeee!

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You hear that? That’s the sound of 10 of my hard (ly)-earned dollars being flushed into the toilet that is known as the “Powerball Lottery.”

The best response of the day? Gene saying, “No thanks, I was a statistics major in college.”

Check out the new Header!

Thanks to Sonya for the new header image above!

I’ll be looking over my shoulder for weeks now…

So I played a little trick on Tom tonight at bowling. Nothing huge, just enough to irk him and make him shake his fist at me.

Now, however, I’m worried. See, Tom has access/control over every PC in the office and can cause some VERY SERIOUS things with my computer and network access. Not to mention, of course, my access to the building and phone. We were joking about what he could do and I jokingly said something about making my corporate login password 64-characters in length with no letters or numbers allowed, only “special characters” (ex. #+~^%#$]?). This caused his eyebrow to raise in thought.


New Look, Same Site

Tom finally talked me into moving my site over to’s servers. So, here it is, new and not really improved. I’ve got a new theme and figured out a half-assed way keep the same header picture as the old site.

Anyway, thanks to Tom for making all of the changes while I was out of town and not giving me some Hello Kitty-like theme.

Thanks Tom!

Tom has, over the last couple of years, taken me to a good umber of San Jose Sharks games. Every time we go, I think him for letting me join him and enjoy every game we’ve been to, even if the Sharks lost. Hell, he’s even been so kind as to invite me to a Sharks playoff game a few years ago.

I just wanted to publicly thank Tom for doing this. We went to a game last night that was almost the “perfect game.” We got a fight (Sharks player won), some amazingly hard checking (on both sides), an open-net goal (Sharks) and a very fun game.

So, thanks Tom!

Sharks 5 – Coyotes 2

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