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My 2009 Fantasy Baseball Lineup

We had our draft today for Fantasy Baseball and I think I came out pretty good. I had the #10 pick (of 10) in a serpentine rotation, so I got the last pick of the odd-numbered rounds and the first pick of the even-numbered rounds. Not too shabby, really, as I got two picks in a row every time.

Here’s my lineup as it stands today preseason:

C Ryan Doumit – Pit
1B Ryan Howard – Phi
2B Ian Kinsler – Tex
3B Alex Rodriguez – NYY
SS Stephen Drew – Ari
OF Ichiro Suzuki – Sea
OF Alex Rios – Tor
OF Jermaine Dye – CWS
Util Derek Jeter – NYY (SS)
Bench Felipe Lopez – Ari (2B, 3B, SS, OF)
Bench Ken Griffey Jr. – Sea (OF)
Bench Brandon Inge – Det (C, 3B, OF)
Bench Mark Teahen – KC (1B, 3B, OF)
Bench Eric Byrnes – Ari (OF)

SP Jake Peavey – SD
SP Cliff Lee – Cle
RP Brandon Morrow – Sea
RP J.J. Putz – NYM
P Daisuke Matsuzaka – Bos
P Ricky Nolasco – Fla
P Ted Lilly – ChC

Wish me luck! We’re playing for money this time, so I’ve got more than just pride on the line. I’ve also got $10!

Congrats to Kishore and Amy!

Priya Jayaswal was born at 11:06 PM last night after her mommy’s water broke at 1:00 PM yesterday afternoon.

7 lbs, 10 ozs. 19 3/4 inches tall.

Mommy and baby are doing well according to Amy’s sister.

Another Actual IM Conversation

(5:17:49 PM) Joel: geez, ted, you slacker. it’s only 97 in more liver. it’s 99 here
(5:17:56 PM) Ted: my bad
(5:18:05 PM) Ted: i’ll pump the AC up to high on the car
(5:18:15 PM) Ted: while i leave it running in the lot all day
(5:18:28 PM) Ted: win/win for the environment AND the oil industry
(5:18:58 PM) Joel: that’s because you’re a team player
(5:19:06 PM) Ted: i try
(5:19:19 PM) Ted: brb, gonna start a tire fire
(5:20:35 PM) Joel: 🙂
(5:22:32 PM) Ted: back, sorry. took longer than i thought to fly my private jet to ANWAR
(5:22:50 PM) Joel: exactly

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Fantasy Baseball League

Here’s my lineup for my Fantasy Baseball League:

I’ve got some winners and I’ve got some not-so-great guys, but it is what it is for a while. Wish me luck!

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Sacramento Train Museum Trip

Last weekend, Jen, Claire and I joined the Johnston Clan (Caley, Sonya, Lex and Logan) and the Eppenbergers (Tom, Shelly and Lane) for a little adventure.

We weren’t sure we were going to be able to go as Jen had been terrible sick with the flu but she was starting to feel better and took a chance on going with us. It turned out to be just fine.

We started out by driving to Oakland to take the train from Jack London Square to Sacramento. On the way we made the usual train stops (I assume as I’d never been on this specific Amtrak line) and when we got to Suisun City we came across this beauty:

Claire claims it is a “mommy” train because it looks like a girl and who am I to argue with her?

When we got to Sacramento we took a quick five-minute walk from the train station to the Vagabond Inn and dropped off our bags. Once we got settled, we hoofed it over to the Train Museum and spent a few hours watching the kids run around and enjoy the museum:

I’d been to the museum before quite a few times when I was younger and once with Jen when we were still dating, but it was the first time for everyone else but Tom. I think Tom and I agree that the displays haven’t changed one bit since we were kids.

After the kids got naps in (well, Claire and Lane at least), Tom, Caley and I walked around Old Town Sac for a while and enjoyed some coffee and, as Tom mentioned in his blog what may very well be the world’s smallest comic book shop. As I’m a regular at the shop here in Livermore, I didn’t purchase anything but Tom and Caley did partake and it did my geeky heart proud.

We went to La Terraza for dinner and while, it tasted pretty good, it did a wonder on almost everyone’s stomachs. I wouldn’t recommend it. The only cool thing was watching Logan assed out on a few of the chairs:

I got some pics of him posed with some beer bottles too, but haven’t posted them on Flickr yet…

We got back to the hotel and played with the kids (and each other). There was a slight issue when Logan locked himself and Claire in the Eppenberger’s room for a while, but all in all they (and we) had a blast.


We got up the next morning, ate at Denny’s which was right next door and hoofed it back to the train station. The only time we really got hit with any bad weather was on the walk back to the train station when the skies opened up and it started raining. The rain wasn’t too bad, it was the wind that really kicked our asses and broke Jen’s umbrella.

We dried off at the train station and I got this picture of a a mural on the wall of the station:

We got home none the worse and have very fond memories of the trip. We totally need to make this a regular thing!

Like Fathers, like daughters: Part Two


I know Kishore and I have done this before. Usually while listening to Uncle Slam or Slayer or something and there was generally more elbows flying, but still…

Like Fathers, like daughters


Here’s CJ and my friend Kishore’s daughter AJ playing with each other. I think Kishore and I have had the same exact conversation…

Child’s Play Charity

Child's Play

It’s that time again folks! Help the good people over at Penny Arcade help sick kids who can use your help. Spend a few bucks (or more) and buy toys, books, games and more for kids in a Children’s Hospital near you.

This is the fifth year they’ve been doing this and raised over $1 million last year alone in donations and gifts.

Go on, go to the Child’s Play Charity website and do some good!

Happy Birthday Caley!

Here’s wishing Caley a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Tom!

Bear Porn

You’re all growns up now!

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