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Mom’s Popeye Patties

My mom’s in town for the weekend and I asked her to help me make something that I loved as a kid and continue to love well into my adult life. Here’s her recipe for what we called “Popeye Patties” and this recipe should serve six (or three and a very hungry/reminiscent Ted):


  • 1 lb ground beef (I prefer 93/7 and I suppose you could use turkey if you really wanted to, but it would come out dry if you ask me)
  • 1 box frozen chopped spinach thawed and drained
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup (condensed is fine)
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • cooked egg noodles or rice (optional)

Heat a pan with olive or vegetable oil

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Combine the hamburger, spinach, egg, and cheese in a bowl and make them into patties and then dredge them in the flour. Put the dredged patties in the pan and brown them on each side. Once browned, place the patties in an oven-safe container (9×9 baking pan or lasagna pan) and bake for 30 minutes.

After you’ve browned all of the patties, take the pan off the burner and let cool for a few minutes. Once cool, combine the cream of mushroom soup and one can’s worth of water into the pan and mix with the left over drippings from the patties.

When the 30 minutes have elapsed, pour the gravy made from the cream of mushroom soup and drippings over the patties, making sure that you cover the patties with the gravy as well. Continue baking for 10-15 minutes.

While I prefer to cover egg noodles with the patties and gravy and eat them that way, you could just as easily serve with, or over, rice.

Happy Birthday Tom!

Bear Porn

You’re all growns up now!

Like Microwave Popcorn?

Like saving money?

Do the following:

  1. Get 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels
  2. Get 2 tsp of Olive Oil
  3. Get 1/4 tsp of popcorn salt (very finely-ground salt, if you have a salt grinder, make very fine salt)
  4. Combine above in a lunchbag-sized brown paper bag

Fold the top of the bag securely (or staple if you’re so inclined) and shake the bag to mix everything up, you’ll want to make sure you’ve thoroughly covered the kernels with the oil. Toss in the microwave and cook until you don’t hear any popping for about five seconds or so. Empty the bag into a bowl (the oil will soak into the paper bag something fierce but won’t make a mess in your microwave), top with butter if you’re so inclined, and enjoy!

Too… Much… Sugar!

Damn my sweet tooth! I was craving sweet yesterday so on my way home I stopped off at the Quicky Mart and got some candy. One of those lik-em-ade’s, a Butterfinger and a (King Size) Pay Day. I then ate them all in one sitting. That was bad.

I woke up around midnight or so and ran directly to the bathroom and, uh, purged the candy. I did not sleep well the rest of the night and kept waking up sick to my stomach and having the cold sweats. Not good times.

Caley is diabetic and was kind enough to explain to me what I did to my body and that my sugar levels were probably so high that I was producing crazy amounts of insulin.

So, lesson learned. I no longer have a sweet tooth and doubt that I will for some time…

You may begin the making-fun-of-Ted now…

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Memorial Day Weekend

Jen and I had some friends over today for a little BBQ.

We had Lance and Tina, their daughters Jenna, Isabella and Maya, Tom and Michelle and their son Lane, Tina G and her sons Phil, Paul and Samuel, Richard and Regina and their sons Alexander and Ethan, Tony and Paula and their son Nathan as well as Kevin and Tina T and their as-yet-unborn daughter.

As you can see, we had quite a large number of people in our home and it went off very well. I grilled up some burgers, dogs and veggies for the crew and Jen threw down with some delicious pear salad. I (finally) built the table tennis table we got for Christmas in 2004 (slacker!) and some did some childproofing I’ve been meaning to do for the last month or so. Add that to the yard work and mowing and it’s been a very busy weekend.

I’m wrapping up my Sunday night by watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with Tom and Lance and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Then it’s up bright and early Tuesday morning for a Microsoft conference in Sunnyvale.

Damn Livermore, what did you eat?

The last month or two, there has been a terrible smell wafting over our building. We have a waste treatment plant about a block from us and apparently, it’s been having some issues with the management of the smells coming from it. Honestly, it smells like, well, shit. I suppose that’s to be expected, that every once in a while you’re going to get a whiff of the city’s, uh, byproducts, but for two freaking months?

Last week a very nice gentleman from the City of Livermore Waste Treatment Department dropped by the office to give us a one-sheet “explanation” of what’s going on… Turns out that the City of Livermore has an “upset stomach.” Yeah, so do I and my coworkers.

Is it sad that I can tell when the residents of Livermore have had eggs for breakfast?

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Prepping for the Sopranos Premiere

Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

Tom, Rich and I (along with Tom’s family) are over at the Zilla’s house getting ready to watch the Season Six premiere of the Sopranos. In preparation for this, we’re watching the season finale of Season Five.

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